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Certified Iridologist Debbie Young

Wellness and Health Practitioner
We are now in a new generation of health and wellness. People are looking for preventive options. Iridology is a screening technique used in analyzing the iris of the eye. The greatest advantage of iridology over other forms of health screening is that changes appear in the iris before the physical symptoms actually develops. Therefore, preventive action may be taken to improve health and avoid diseases which might otherwise follow.

Debbie started her journey as a Manager of a health food store in Kingston, Ontario, in 1996. Her love and passion for health and wellness grew over the next 12 years. She studied with The Edison Institute of Nutrition and acquired a Certificate in Applied Holistic Nutrition, in 2003, to further serve the Kingston community. With the encouragement of a good friend, a Doctor of Natural Medicine, and her husband, a Doctor of Chiropractic, Debbie decided to start her own holistic practice. She enrolled with The Canadian Institute of Iridology, in Toronto, Ontario, and in 2010, received her Practitioner Diploma in Clinical Iridology and a practitioner designation of C.C.IR. (Certified Clinical Iridologist).Debbie has her Health and Wellness practice in Kingston, Ontario, with a continuous desire to serve her community.

Debbie offers in her practice the following :

  • Iridology Assessments
  • Nutrition Assessments
  • Detoxification Programs
  • Ion Cleanses
  • The Sharing Of Wellness Information



For more information or to book your appointment click on the following link  https://explorekingston.com/LocalBusiness/certified-clinical-iridologist-debbie-young/

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