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Cookes Fine Foods Celebrating 150 year Anniversary Since 1865

Since 1865, Cooke’s has been offering our customers the finest of foods in our authentic Victorian décor.


Pictures can’t offer you a taste of our Special Old Cheddar Cheese, or let you smell the wonderful aroma of coffee fresh from our roaster, but we hope you’ll agree
that a visit to Cooke’s is not to be missed!


Like fine wines, gourmet coffees vary from country to country and year to year.
By purchasing gourmet coffees, you are assured of drinking the best beans each coffee-producing country has to offer.
Arabica coffees, the only ones we sell, receive special care and attention throughout their cultivation and growing processes.
Gourmet coffees are carefully handpicked, processed and sorted in the growing country and then roasted to perfection
once they arrive in our shop. The pleasure of selecting gourmet coffees to suit your specific taste requirements is left to you.


                                    • Colombian Supremo from Mendellin

                                    • Colombian Decaffeinated

                                    • Ethiopian Djimmah (commonly called Mocha)

                                    • Indonesian Sumatra Mandheling Java, the oldest known coffee in the world & along with Mocha

                                      is blended to produce the most recognizable blend in the world – Mocha/Java

                                    • Brazil Santos from coffee growing region in Southern Brazil

                                    • Kenya AA, top grade from Kenya

                                    • Costa Rican Fancy “Naranjo”


Through the years we have developed our own blends that have become extremely popular with our customers.
Keep in mind that we are able to blend any of our coffees to your personal preferences.
You may purchase coffee in one pound bags as beans or ground to suit your coffee maker.
$14.25 per pound plus shipping, (minimum 5 pounds)
Our coffee is shipped in one-way valve bags suitable for freezing.


For over thirty-five years Cooke’s has been roasting the finest of coffee beans and shipped across Canada.
Experience the delight of coffee as it was meant to be.
We can ship your order once or on a monthly basis.
Please specify how you would like your coffee shipped, do you like it ground or just left as beans.


Products from Susan’s Kitchen Drawer are only found in our Picton location.
Call 613-476-2888 or email us at: picton@cookesfinefoods.com for further information.