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Thank you Nancy Cato for inviting me as a guest blogger to your new site, and for requesting that I write about creating and writing my fictional series of children’s books ( 7-11 year olds) “The MOOSE LAKE Chronicles” in Kingston.  MOOSE LAKE launches @ Chapters on Princess Street, January 31st, 2015. I created my series and wrote MOOSE LAKE on my kitchen table while living on Sydenham Street just north of Princess and a hop and a jump away from the many colourful local businesses of downtown Kingston.  Although the fictional town of Moose Lake is based on the landscape of my youth, Kingston provided me the perfect atmosphere for writing and so I am excited that my book is launching in Kingston during such a significant time as we are celebrating the bicentennial of Sir John A. MacDonald’s birth.  As we know, Kingston was home to Canada’s first prime minister and although born in Scotland, Sir John immigrated to Kingston with his parents at the age of five and became a prominent Canadian lawyer, businessman & politician.  A key architect of the BNA (British North America) Act , Sir John helped to chart a course that resulted in Kingston becoming the location of an UNESCO World Heritage site consisting of the fortification @ Fort Henry, the associated Murney Towers & the Rideau Canal.  The area of Kingston has been alive with activity since the late 17th century and was selected as Capital of the United Province of Canada from 1841-1844.  As the capital it became home to many civil servants and many new businesses blossomed.  Research indicates that “the waterfront was rife with activity” and that the political activity increased the status of the region.

Kingston today continues to flourish and the population is now approximately 124,000.  This lively city and port, situated at the eastern end of Lake Ontario where it joins the St. Lawrence River, is continuing  to move forward with primary work opportunities available in institutions such as Queen’s University,  St. Lawrence College, the Royal Military College & CFB Kingston and the service businesses such as hotels, restaurants and stores that support the local population as well as the many visitors to Kingston from around the world who are drawn to the music, art and film festivals along with specific tourism businesses and attractions.  The future of Kingston is one of continual growth and forward progress as city leaders acknowledge that Kingston is a city currently involved in eco-friendly innovation that leads to a future which will continue to sustain us all in a way that does not compromise our community values.

I choose to write and am pleased to launch MOOSE LAKE in Kingston, because it is a growing city that is not sacrificing community values in the name of progress.  This is what MOOSE LAKE is all about.  Technological progress, without moral progress, is not progress that would be acceptable in the town of MOOSE LAKE.  It seems to me that Kingston shares the community values that MOOSE LAKE espouses.  Maybe this is because I wrote it in Kingston.  K-town, as we affectionately call it, seems to be a growing city retaining a small town heart.                   Monica Hemstock       www.monicahemstock.ca

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