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Meeting the owner of a top Kingston Best Pizza Restuarant

I was searching for a Kingston Best Pizza establishment and without a doubt I walked right into Gino’s Pizza & Spaghetti in Amherstview and enjoyed a great chat with Noele Murano himself!  When I walked in to do my usual marketing pitch Noele was busy making his pizza dough from scratch preparing for the best pizza Kingston and Amherstview have to offer.

 One of the nicest pleasure’s for his customers walking in after their hard days at the office is to give business to someone who works just as hard as them fine tuning the home made sauces & pasta’s.

Everyone has their own skills to offer and he sure does know what he’s doing in the kitchen.  Our conversation was talking about business and marketing and as I was telling him about what I do best; online marketing.  I watched him specifically measure his spices of basic, oregano and other spices for his meat sauce which has been passed down through generations for over the 30 years.  I was amazed he could listen, have a conversation and do his conversions while a massive stainless steel pot slowly bubbling out the most amazing Italian aroma which filled the air. Not to mention take care of the customers ordering over the phone and the walk in business until his employees show up for the busy period.

pizza sauce

Noele had been working under his father, Joe learning the trade and recently opened his own location in Amherstview.

As personable as Noele is and great charisma and fantastic people skills I have to say the food matches above and beyond. In the middle of our conversation he called me over to the simmering pot and said “take a smell of this”  I peeked in to the massive pot and the scent of a blend of amazing spices brought me back to my own mama’s homemade spaghetti sauce.

This time it wasn’t my mama’s but I sure know where I need to go when I need that comfort food that brings me back to my childhood of home sweet home at Gino’s Pizza and Spaghetti in Amherstview, ON

By using the FRESHEST best QUALITY LOCAL ingredients Gino’s has truly created a masterpiece of one of Kingston  best pizza.